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Unleash Your Inner DJ!

With the Muscle Mix Now app, you can create nonstop flawless mixes with thousands of popular hit songs. Also, access hundreds of Muscle Mix premixes and adjust the BPM to the speed of your choice!


With the BUSINESS PACKAGE, you will get:  

  1. Use music for your IN PERSON classes
  2. Use music for videos on Facebook (virtual music only)
  3. Use music for videos on Instagram (virtual music only)
  4. Use music for videos on YouTube* (virtual music only)
  5. Use music for Live streaming classes using Zoom
  6. PLUS: Video on Demand - Shoot unlimited new videos for 1 year and stream them on your website platform (virtual music only). 


** 20 users receive a 1 year membership **


Included in all plans:

  • Create custom mixes
  • Adjust BPM
  • Popular music library
  • Royalty-free, virtual library
  • Muscle Mix premixes

(*Some songs used on YouTube cannot be monetized


Available on Apple and Android devices


For more information on the Business Package, contact us HERE.


Additional Info

Additional Info