Cardio Bounce, Starter Kit [Choreo + Music] [Physical product]

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A whole new trampoline-based H.i.i.T. group fitness class is here!


Cardio BOUNCE™ is a safe, fun, and energetic class that uses a fitness trampoline, or ‘rebounder’. With the rebounder, you’ll have the benefits of high impact cardio without any impact at all--making it easy on the knees, ankles, and lower back. Cardio BOUNCE™ intervals combine strength training sets with motivating music to give you an energized total body workout.


This 30, 45 or 55 minute program (you decide!) is interval training at its best. This program utilizes the features of the rebounder to provide great powerful muscle conditioning segments mixed with high energy cardio while keeping your joints safe.

  • Easy to learn and teach, the Cardio BOUNCE™ Starter Kit includes a music CD, master class DVD, and Choreography Booklet.
  • Customizable! You can add your own personality and modify the length and any part of the workout.
  • No license fees or expensive trainings to attend.

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What training do I need to teach Cardio BOUNCE?

It is highly recommended that Cardio BOUNCE™ instructors have at least a primary group exercise certification and have some experience teaching group exercise. Each Cardio BOUNCE™ release comes with all the essential training tools.


As an Instructor, if I want to modify the class to suit the needs of my group, can I do that?

Please do. As an experienced fitness professional, you can modify this class to suit the needs of your clientele.


Where do we get the trampolines ("rebounders")?

We have had the best results, most durability and economic value with the ReboundAIR Rebounders.



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