CLASSIC VINYL - SilverSneakers 16-CD

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SilverSneakers Classic Vinyl is guaranteed to become another hit in the best selling SilverSneakers series. This sixteenth installment includes 2 discs: Disc 1 is packed with popular 60’s tracks, and Disc 2 with upbeat instrumental tracks, all hand picked and at 126 BPM. Sixties rock finds its roots from the Baby Boom, as gazillions of babies were born all of a sudden in the span of five to ten years after the war ended in 1946. These babies would be 18 in 1964 which brought the Me decade. Disc 1 includes tracks made famous by The Chiffons, the Tokens, The Who and others. And then came the British Invasion. The Beatles and the Rolling Stones were the most visible of the many British music acts that found success in America in the mid-60’s. Songs on Disc 1 include "Let it Be" and "Help" by the Beatles and "Jumpin Jack Flash" by the Rolling Stones. With all the popular 60’s style tracks on Disc 1 and the motivating Instrumental music on Disc 2, you are sure to experience a hand-clapping, toe-tapping, fun class.



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Additional Info

Use For:
Seniors, Step, Aqua
Music Style:
60’s, Instrumental