PILOXING BARRE, Barre Music Vol 3-CD

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Need some music for your Barre classes?! Look no further because Piloxing® Barre Music, vol. 3 is great for upbeat Barre classes including Piloxing Barre and other mid-tempo range classes. This album is a fusion of EDM, pop, soul, rock and R&B with popular songs that will inspire your class to move. Volume 3 is filled with hit records like Maroon 5’s retro pop “Sugar”; Meghan Trainor’s bubblegum pop record, “Lips Are Movin’”; “Bangarang”, Skrillex’s electro-rock international hit; “Lovers on the Sun”, the EDM classic by David Guetta; and the electrifying soul track, "Stay With Me" by Sam Smith. This energetic album comes to a close with an upbeat love song "Marry Me" by Jason Derulo.

12 non-stop tracks mixed at 140 BPM, plus a cool-down ballad.


PILOXING BARRE--an exciting new fitness 'Barre' workout, utilizing the same fundamental disciplines (Pilates, Boxing and Dance) from the already world-renowned fitness craze, PILOXING. A complementary program to PILOXING, PILOXING BARRE is a comprehensive, well-rounded workout that is low-impact, yet intensity building creating full body awareness utilizing a Ballet Barre for the entire class.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Use For:
Piloxing, Barre, Hi/Lo, Bootcamp
Music Style:
Top Hits, Pop, Rock
49 Minutes