Scream & Sweat - Halloween Hits

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Scream & Shout, Halloween Hits is here to pump your classes up for a spooky Halloween season!  This time of year, people are feeling festive and excited for the fun of the creepiest holiday of them all.  But they also tend to tip into that candy bucket one too many times!  Keep your classes focused on their goals and entertained with Halloween Hits! 

This playlist is not mixed, it is designed for you to play through as-is, or select the songs you want to include for each class you teach! Songs vary in BPM from 100-140 and increase in intensity through the playlist.  Two extra cool down songs are included! 

Happy Halloween!    

No. Song  BPM Original Artist
1 Demons  128 Muscle Mixes Music
2 Dragula  128 Rob Zombie
3 Breathe  130 The Prodigy
4 Black Magic  130 Little Mix
5 Pumpin Blood  130 NONONO
6 She Wolf  130 Shakira
7 Monster  135 Skillet
8 Blood on the Dance Floor  135 Michael Jackson
9 Scream & Shout  140 featuring Britney Spears
10 Voodoo Child  140 Rogue Traders
11 Im A Freak  140 Enrique Iglesias featuring Pitbull
12 O Fortuna  143 Wizzy Noise
13 Can't Feel My Face  120 The Weeknd
14 Ghost  Cooldown Ella Henderson
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