Founded by a fitness professional for fitness professionals, Denise Imbesi is the visionary who pioneered the launch of Muscle Mix Music as one of the first fitness music companies worldwide. 

In 1988, Denise Imbesi, the woman behind the music, a DJ and instructor, saw a need for pre-mixed compilations. Instructors were still using record players to mix music and record it on cassette for their classes, and if the tape broke it was back to square one to produce a new one!  CD technology made things easier, but the beats and tempos were not always right for various forms of exercise.

Three decades since its inception, Denise and team created VIBES, the first ever music app for fitness containing real music by the real artists for both in person and on-demand fitness classes. Learn more about VIBES:


Thanks so much for following us on this 30 year + journey! :=) 

Denise Imbesi

CEO and Founder