Licensed Popular Music by Original Artists!

Browse thousands of original artist songs - new, current and old school - by genre, and quickly create a custom, non-stop mix at the tempo of

your choice. No other music app offers this!

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Mix. Match. Create. Vibe!!!

Browse thousands of songs and create a custom nonstop mix. Want to switch song 5 with song 8?

Just move it after it’s mixed and the songs will play back seamlessly.

Tempo Control at
your Fingertips.

Find the right BPM with our tempo adjustment
tool. Create the right feel for the right class.

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Hundreds of Premixes Ready-to-go

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Short on time? We got you! Choose from our expertly curated nonstop premixes ready for action. Plenty of choices for all types of classes.

Play music OFFLINE without WIFI

Saving data? No WIFI? No problem. Download your favorite music and listen anytime, anywhere.

Discover and Listen

With thousands of songs and hundreds of premixes, find whatever speaks to you and save it to your playlists.

2 can play at same time

With one user login you can play on 2 different devices at the same time.

Just Push Play

Mix your own beats or Just Push Play on an expertly curated Premix! 

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