Happy Holidays from Muscle Mixes !

Dear Fit Pro...

This Holiday season, we are so grateful for the wonderful group of fitness professionals we serve year after year and have for the last 3 decades! It still warms my heart to hear the passion and excitement you all feel when you know you are helping a student do better, workout harder and improve their health overall.

I've always said that we don't sell music----we sell "happiness". Music puts a smile on someone's face no matter what their day was like when they got to class...and YOU help them forget their troubles for at least 1 hour of the day. Be proud of the impact you make on someone's day every class. 

I want you to know that I recognize the time and effort you put into compiling your playlists; the sweat you put into planning and choreographing your class so it's just perfect and the love and energy you share to your students each and every class.

You deserve the very best this holiday season...and we will be right by your side spreading happiness for as long as you'll let us.