Honoring the founding mothers of Fitness!

Wow! Wow! Wow! That's about all I can say really after experiencing the last 6 weeks of interviews. Did you miss them? OK so here's the deal. I've been on a personal mission to praise the amazing women who helped form the industry which we have thriving today we call group fitness. You see, I founded Muscle Mixes in the mid-80s when the only class was High-impact Aerobics and we were teaching barefoot. Yep! Barefoot! 

So I collaborated with the powerhouse Lindsey Rainwater of the Women in Fitness Association aka WIFA, a thriving new non-profit dedicated to women, in conducting interviews LIVE on Facebook for the last 6 weeks. They were: Molly Fox, Joy Prouty, Linda Shelton, Lynne Brick, Candice Copeland-Brooks and Judi Sheppard-Missett. Even though I already knew and/or worked with these women directly, I learned so very much about each of their truly unique talents and contributions to this wonderful industry.  

These amazing women were in the trenches in the early days laying the foundation for safety guidelines, methodologies and techniques along with some killer choreography. They created a template when there wasn't one on how to teach a class. They created aerobics terminology and through them the original teacher trainings were born. They were warriors at a time when women didn't work, let alone have a career. All of them have such PASSION to motivate and inspire others to be fit -- both physically and mentally. When they spoke with me about their beginnings, their faces lit up about the joy they have been able to bring hundreds of thousands of people around the globe by simply putting on some music and start moving bodies. 

I am truly honored to have had the chance to chat with them as every single one of these ladies have a FIRE in their HEARTS ----which is not burning out any time soon!!!

So raise a water bottle to the FOUNDING MOTHERS OF FITNESS! ;-)

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P.S.S. To find out more about WIFA, check them out here: https://www.womeninfitness.org/