New App and happy new year!

Phew---well I apologize for disappearing like this. I haven't written a blog since October of last year. The reason is a good one ---I was a tad busy launching our brand new music app Muscle Mix Now™! This has been a real labor of love---and lots of sweat and effort have been put into building this app just for you. This was our first experience developing an app and it really is quite fascinating. We take so much for granted as a user of mobile apps --you wouldn't believe what goes into the development of one! Wow---technology has come so far. #MindBlown.

Anyway, the Muscle Mix Now™ app launched in November of 2018 and we've had an outpouring of support from all of you --our loyal customers. Thank you --Thank you! So with any new product, there were many glitches at launch so I send my deepest apologies to those of you who have felt frustration. We've since fixed most of the issues and it's running smooth on both iPhone and Android. If you don't know ---there is a Now™ Premium status which gives you full access to unlimited songs, pre-mixes and ability to customize your own playlists. It's super amazing to be honest---the fact that you can select songs, adjust the BPM, move the song order around and click "mix" --and voila----! Your very own seamlessly mixed playlist is ready to go!! Just like a DJ! ;-) . So cooool

Please please reach out to me through our Help Center if you are still having issues or if you have some great ideas on how to improve the app---I have been addressing all technical support issues myself personally since it's still so new. I really love hearing from all of you---you've been amazing ---love all your feedback--positive and negative. It's very helpful especially with the launch of a new product like this.

So if you are interested in the app and in going Now™ Premium, click here...

AND..stay tuned we plan to keep growing this app by adding many bells and whistles over the next few months. So much cool stuff coming your way to help you keep your classes motivated and FUN.

Until next time,

Denise Imbesi