Sitting down with the incomparable Molly Fox!

So this all started as a thought I've been having lately about the group fitness industry. Every single time I go to a trade show, I get together with many fellow pioneers of our industry and the talk is always the same "remember the good ole' days". We continually reminisce about what a wonderful time it was to be part of the group fitness movement when it was first starting. 

So I've been kicking around a lot the idea that all these pioneers should share their stories and be recognized. For one it's a very interesting story to instructors who started teaching decades after the industry began and secondly these legendary movers and shakers have such a wealth of information that for it not to be shared would be a waste. I mean new instructors really really need them to help them grow to be the best instructor they can be and to help navigate the waters of the industry.

Well last year I started to interview a few folks while at the IDEA World show like Stacey Lei Krauss and Leslee Bender and others and it's been really exciting to see the positive responses from instructors who watched the interviews I posted on Facebook.

Fast forward to today and I mentioned to a new associate Lindsey Rainwater CEO of the wonderful Women in Fitness Industry association (WIFA) and she came up with the idea that we should honor the innovative, creators, movers and shakers who came forward with educational development, programming, and teaching skills to help grow the industry.

Nevertheless I nominated Linda Shelton and then together we nominated 5 more women: Molly Fox, Joy Prouty, Candice Copeland-Brooks, Lynne Brick and Judi Shepherd-Missett. There are countless women who have impacted the industry in these ways but Muscle Mixes Music and WIFA will highlight these 6 women and their stories leading up to an inaugural WIFA reception,where the theme will be: Women who 'birthed' an industry..

How cool and exciting is this!!??!?!?! 

I am truly honored to be involved with this and to sit and chat with these truly amazing women. We are going to learn so much from them and the fact that their words will be documented forever is legendary. 

Want to watch the interview with Molly Fox? Click here:

If you do plan to go to IHRSA check out WIFA's website to find out about their reception. It's going to be great fun!

Until next time,

Denise Imbesi