Survived Hurricane Irma

Phew --we here in Orlando thankfully survived the wrath of Huricane Irma. She was a category 1-2 when she finally made it inland to Orlando but let me tell you winds that strong blew 100 year old oak trees down and right out of their roots! All of my close friends and family faired very well with themselves personally but the damage and debris and some people still without power still remains. 

Thanks to everyone who has reached out to our team and for your patience. We only lost 1 day of full business operation. If you've never been through a hurricane of any category, let me tell you---it isn't fun and it's serious stuff!

So our newly designed website has been live now for about 2-3 weeks and while we are still working out some kinks, it seems most is stable. So thanks again everyone for your patience with the hiccups.

Now that IRMA is behind us, I'll be back broadcasting live on Facebook again this week ---so be on the look-out. Not sure what the subject matter is at the moment but I'll be sure to let you know shortly.

Until next time----Peace and Love,