Thank you for 30 years!!!

WE STARTED ON CASSETTE (remember those?)...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! What a ride this has been. When I started Muscle Mixes Music on Sept 1, 1988 as an eager, bright-eyed 25 year old, I had no idea what the future held for me and especially not for the future of this wonderful group fitness industry I've been fortunate enough to be a part of some 30 years later.

In 1988, I was at the ground floor...I had no idea I was pioneering an industry. There were no other companies in the WORLD mixing music albums specifically made for fitness classes! I had to navigate these waters all on my own, without Google, figuring out how to speak with record labels and publishers and explain to them that "hey, your music will be promoted to thousands of bodies in fitness classes".

From the very first trade show I showed up to with just a table and a boombox, I knew that this industry was a special one..... and the reason was because of YOU. Group fitness instructors are a very special group of people......this group of mostly women are some of the most passionate, upbeat, optimistic and health conscience people there are. You all are the epitome of SUPER women! 

I've met so many of you along the way raising families and/or working full-time AND teaching a high-impact class in the hot spot on a Monday night. Do you know what goes into preparing for a high-impact class? Preparing the choreography for a class took long hours of balancing the right music with the right moves.. and then what if the moves you planned from your home don't really work in front of a class full of 30? You have to modify on the spot. You have to know your audience---the beginners from the advanced---and modify and adapt....and you do all of this with a SMILE (and possibly with shinsplints) because those participants are there for you to motivate them and you deliver every single day.

Your enthusiasm toward Muscle Mixes and toward our industry is what has kept me going all these years. In the earlier years, there wasn't much money to be earned to call teaching a profession. It was about building an industry of healthy like-minded women and men whose main goal was to turn up the volume, get people's bodies moving and put a smile on someone's face for at least an hour.

I've always said that I am in the business of making people have fun because after all isn't that what music is all about? What would be of the group ex class without music? Quiet and serious and missing the one ingredient that puts that smile on everyone's faces. 

I am so proud to say that we are still here 30 years later and we continue to listen to your needs. I absolutely LOVE all the great positive and sometimes constructive feedback I get from all of you so please do keep those emails coming.

Music is the universal language that lifts someone's spirit or brings back a memory. It bonds people of all types of diversity. Thank you for letting us provide the tools to you for you to bring FUN to the masses. 

You have and always will be the very reason we exist!

Happy 30th Anniversary !! 

From all of your friends here at Muscle Mixes Music 

Denise Imbesi

CEO & Founder