The scoop on music licensing for virtual fitness classes

I have written and been interviewed about this topic many times, but I am still seeing fit pros confused about how it all works. Since it looks like the pandemic is still here it might be a good idea to get a refresher. So here goes: 

There are 3 choices: (1) live stream where you broadcast your class "live" and it's a 2-way street---you see them while they see you. Once the class is over, it can never be accessed again any where. In this case, you are able to play any music you want. You are supposed to purchase a fairly inexpensive license from ASCAP/BMI for doing this, but that's up to you and only if you are playing "popular music" from like Spotify. (2) Social Media live streaming. Since the platform such as Facebook or Instagram is the responsible party, the music restrictions are quite tough. I recommend you ONLY use "royalty-free" music only to avoid your video taken down, muted or fined. (3) Video on demand. If you have started a video on demand subscription service where you need to record many videos and post them somewhere on a platform for users to access as they please, you will need to obtain a "synchronization license". Your safest and most affordable option is to use "royalty-free" music. You don't want to end up using popular music and getting caught and then having to take all the content down or worse yet, getting sued by the rights holder. By the way, royalty-free music is basically music that is unfamiliar, mostly instrumental music where typically a company such as mine Muscle Mixes Music owns it outright. 

If you are ready to move forward contact customer service anytime at Hope this was helpful. Have a great holiday season! DENISE