Two Fit Crazies Podcast featuring Muscle Mix CEO Denise Imbesi

In Episode 169 of The Two Fit Crazies and a Microphone Podcast, the Two Fit Crazies have an awesome conversation with the founder of Muscle Mixes Music, Denise Imbesi. Denise shares what it was like growing up in Brooklyn working as both a fitness instructor and a part-time DJ in the 1980’s. Her love for music and fitness soon inspired her to create her own music mixing company, Muscle Mixes Music. Three decades later, Denise is an established “heavy hitter” in the fitness music industry. From tapes, to CD’s, to digital downloads, to the launch of an APP, Denise talks about the importance of evolving with the times and the importance of using music as motivation. She also reveals particularly important information regarding licensing rights and policies when playing music on social media platforms and beyond. Listen carefully as Denise discusses the do’s and don'ts of music licensing as well as how to create and buy your own music to build your classes or to sell and make a profit. Music is a driving force for fit pros, athletes, gym goers and more, so it is crucial to educate yourself about the rights to use non-licensed and licensed music as a part of your fitness business. Muscle Mixes Music is an awesome resource for its extensive libraries of music and Denise is ready to help you get started today! Check it out!