Virtual Fitness is upon what about music?

Hi Fit Pro,

Wow! Seems the entire fitness industry has just changed overnight. Gyms and studios are closing across the country so fast that fit pros are suddenly thrown into the world of no longer teaching live classes and are being forced into virtual teaching. We are here to help when it comes to music and soon we will have additional resources about how we might be able to help you with virtual fitness in general.

So here's the deal on music. The rule of thumb is that any song that is owned by someone other than yourself requires prior approval...also called "clearance"...from the rights holder. So before you decide to engage in virtual classes with music, you will have to get permission from the rights holder from where you get the music.

The least expensive and easiest way is to obtain licenses from music companies who produce "royalty-free" music. Typically these are instrumental, unfamiliar songs and can cost anywhere from $20 per song to $400 per song depending upon your usage. 

To help out during this pandemic, we decided to greatly reduce our license fee for our royalty-free mixes to a price of $20 for a 60 minute mix. Check out our Virtual music page HERE. Of course if you are a Muscle Mix Now Premium app member, there are many mixes and songs which are royalty-free as well for you to create your own virtual mixes. This lists the current royalty-free songs available to use on our app

I know this is a tough time for everyone right now but I remain optimistic. (Read my previous blog on tips on how I am thinking positive here.

This fitness community are the most upbeat, positive, kick a** women (and men) I know! We are here to keep everyone's spirits lifted and physically and mentally in shape. I KNOW YOU CAN DO THIS!

I also am aware that some of us are being affected economically as well. Feel free to reach out to us to let us know if you are in need of work---we will do our best to connect you with someone who is looking for what you can provide remotely.

This is a team effort and I have faith in each and everyone of you. And if you're like me you have little munchkins running around the house too---yikes----but I promise we will all be stronger in the end.

Reach out anytime---we are here for you:

Stay awesome,

By Denise Imbesi


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