What if I am flagged by YouTube?

You have nothing to worry about. You are legally authorized to use our royalty-free music in your videos. 

The notice you're receiving is NOT an infringement claim. Your videos will not be muted, deleted, or banned and you will not have a negative mark against you for the use of this music on your videos. Our songs come from in house production (in our studio) as well as our partner producers and labels. 

Sometimes our partners also license the songs in their networks which also go out to many different digital platforms. This means that there will always be "content ID tagging" on specific songs because of their distribution sources and streaming monetization is standard. 

This is why you receive these notifications because some songs on YouTube cannot be "monetized" which means you won't be able to earn money for them streaming on YouTube but you have nothing to worry about legally. 

Hope this clears things up. 

If you need more information, contact us at hello@musclemixes.com Proceed with confidence and enjoy the music!

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