HONEY ONYX - Volume 1 - Virtual Fitness

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Due to the current pandemic of CoVid-19 that is sweeping our country, gyms are closing and fitness professionals are left without a class to teach live. Therefore fit pros are quickly moving to teaching classes virtually. As a result we've decided to greatly reduce the licensing rates for our royalty-free music for you during this time.

Music on this page is available to you to use as follows:

*Please note however, some music on this album may not allow you to monetize a pre-recorded video on Youtube, LIVE stream on Youtube, InstaTV or FB.


• Video streaming and downloads for social media videos such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram.

• Live streaming on Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Zoom, Skype, etc...

• License Term: Perpetuity & Non-exclusive [Cannot be used on DVDs or Video-on-Demand service]

No. Song  BPM Original Artist
1 Shakti  Yoga Suzann Bain
2 Drops Softly Fallin  Yoga Suzann Bain
3 Gathering of Stars  Yoga Suzann Bain
4 Inner Vision  Yoga Suzann Bain
5 Lights Taking Shape  Yoga Suzann Bain
6 Not Up, Not Down  Yoga Suzann Bain
7 Space  Yoga Suzann Bain
8 A Door to the Sun  Yoga Suzann Bain
9 Each Day Ending  Yoga Suzann Bain
10 It Comes and Goes In Waves  Yoga Suzann Bain
Additional Info

Additional Info

Use For:
Music Style:
Ambient with a slight beat
45 Minutes