Cardio Yoga - The Next Dimension: Season Two

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CARDIO YOGA: The Next Dimension: Season 2

In the spirit of the CARDIO YOGA, The Emotional Fitness program, this music mix was developed as a sound journey that lays the foundation for your group exercise class experience. 

Your adventure begins with a serene vibe… paving the way for an upbeat, hopeful mood: perfect for a class warm-up. A steady beat guides you through a variety of genres as the BPMs climb! You’ll reach your “pinnacle” at 128bpm, approximately midway through class, and then you’ll steadily slow down. A beautiful meditative vibe waits for you at the end.


This release is purely instrumental – a supportive soundtrack to enhance your cueing and choreography. It’s an easy-to use blend of genres with consistent 32-count rhythm and strong downbeat. Progressive mid-tempo BPMs sneak up intensity behind the scenes.

Cardio Yoga - The Next Dimension: Season Two is a ROYALTY FREE release that you can use in the GX studio, on social media, and in recorded workouts.

CARDIO YOGA Program Creator Stacey Lei Krauss and Content Innovator Siri Chilazi share: 

“We’re excited for Cardio Yoga Season Two… another 32-count mix that instructors can use for ALL of their workouts, including streaming and recordings. This instrumental soundtrack will musically assist mind-body instructors with space to share their powerful cues (without competing with lyrics). We love the journey through different “emotions” and genres ranging from mysterious and energetic to buoyant and victorious! This blend sets the stage for a dynamic experience that will leave students feeling empowered and wanting more. Thank you, Muscle Mixes!"



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