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Invincible - Total Body Tabata, vol. 15 has arrived!  From the supercharging and fun warm-up track "Mama Yo" to the inspiring ballad cool-down track "Hero", Invincible will deliver a Tabata punch that brings your class back for more!  This new release features hit songs like, "Havana" and power tracks like "Lose Yourself". Use the whole CD for our 60-minute TBT HiiT workout or select your favorite Tabata tracks for a quicker 30 or 45 minute workout. 10 Tabata songs to choose from!

Specially designed for the music intensity to build during the WORK interval and for it to diminish during the REST interval.  

Autumn Skeel and Vicki Moen, co-founders of Total Body Tabata™ (TBT), and ACE certified continuing education providers, have teamed up with Muscle Mixes Music to bring you this one-of-a-kind 60-minute Tabata interval-timed CD.   TBT™ is a HiiT (high-intensity interval training) workout using the Tabata formula of 20 second work intervals followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated 8 times. 

Become a TBT™PRO Group Fitness Instructor! Go to to learn more about our At Home Instructor Training Program and upcoming LIVE Trainings. 

No. Song  BPM Original Artist
1 Mama Yo! (Warmup)  144 Mayra Veronica & Yolanda Be Cool
2 Jungle Bae (Tabata 1)  150 Jack U feat. Bunji Garlin
3 Charged (Tabata 2)  150 Alvaro & GLOWINTHEDARK
4 Beats Knockin' (Tabata 3)  150 Jack U feat. Fly Boi Keno
5 Havana (Tabata 4)  150 Camila Cabello feat. Young Thug
6 An Island (Tabata 5)  150 Chevelle
7 Guess What? (Tabata 6)  150 Cazwell with Luciana
8 Wiggle Wop (Tabata 7)  150 Party Favor feat. Keno
9 L'Amour (Tabata 8)  150 Bingo Players
10 Feel Invincible (Tabata 9)  150 Skillet
11 Lose Yourself (Tabata 10)  150 Eminem
12 Hero (Cooldown)  Cooldown Enrique Iglesias
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Additional Info

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Intervals formatted for a Tabata workout with cues
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