Total Body Tabata - Volume 2-Digital

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Finally!! The ONLY Tabata music album that was specially designed for the music intensity to build during the WORK interval and for it to diminish during the REST interval.  

Autumn Skeel and Vicki Moen, co-founders of Total Body Tabata™ (TBT), and ACE certified continuing education providers, have teamed up with Muscle Mixes Music to bring you this one-of-a-kind 60-minute Tabata interval-timed CD.   TBT™ is a HiiT (high-intensity interval training) workout using the Tabata formula of 20 second work intervals followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated 8 times

Leave the timing and the music to us so you can focus on coaching, motivating and exercising!  

A TABATA is 8 Intervals of a 20 second WORK Interval and a 10 second REST Interval.

 A 60 second REST follows each TABATA.   

Each Interval consists of:

•    10 second REST interval

•    Vocal cue of 4,3,2,1

•    20 second WORK Interval

•    Whistle Cue

(Music builds during "WORK" and diminishes during "REST")



Total Body Tabata™ is a member magnet! This time-efficient workout hits the spot for all types of fitness lovers. Combining the drive and energy of great music, along with the countdown to finish, this class has become the ultimate motivator to get in the best shape of your life!! ---Kari Anderson, owner The Seattle Gym and world-renowned fitness presenter

No. Song  BPM Original Artist
1 Scream & Shout (Warm Up)  144 featuring Britney Spears
2 Boom Da Bass! (TABATA 1)  150 Freakstyle Deejay Team
3 Doop (TABATA 2)  150 Doop
4 Tribal Dance (TABATA 3)  150 2 Unlimited
5 T.H.E (The Hardest Ever) (TABATA 4)  150 featuring Jennifer Lopez and Mick Jagger
6 Figaro Fist Pump (TABATA 5)  150 Mustard Pimp
7 Let Me Clear My Throat (TABATA 6)  150 Public Domain
8 Misirlou (TABATA 7)  150 Spaghetti Surfers
9 Turbulence (TABATA 8)  150 Steve Aoki & Laidback Luke ft. Lil Jon
10 Krupa (TABATA 9)  150 Apollo 440
11 Escape (TABATA 10)  150 Kay Cee
12 Hall Of Fame (Cool Down)    The Script featuring
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Additional Info

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Intervals formatted for a Tabata workout with cues
60 minutes